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Professional Financial Advice for SMEs 

2BLUES Strategic Partners Ltd provides strategic finance and business consultancy services to SMEs in London and beyond.


We offer flexible on-site or remote guidance to help businesses navigate financial challenges, drive growth and achieve their goals, without the financial commitment of a full-time financial director.

Flexible, Ad-hoc Expertise

Cost Efficient Solutions

Innovative Approach


2BLUES Strategic Partners

At 2BLUES Strategic Partners Ltd, we value integrity, accountability and transparency, whilst focusing on helping SMEs achieve sustainable growth.


Our mission is to empower businesses to work smarter, not harder, by delivering innovative, project-focused solutions tailored to their needs.


Get in touch today for an initial consultation and discover how 2BLUES Strategic Partners Ltd can help you unlock your organisation's full potential.

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How we can help

Business Advice and Mentoring

Expert guidance to overcome financial challenges.

Strategic Business Planning

Crafting detailed, long-term success plans.

Financial Budgeting

Optimising resources with accurate budgeting.

Financial Systems 

Streamlining systems for better performance.

Financial Reporting and Planning

Ensuring informed decision-making with precise reporting.

Cash Forecast

Predicting and managing cash flow effectively.

Finance Department Restructuring

Building a robust and efficient finance team.

Staff Development and Mentorship

Empowering staff with skills and confidence.


Meet the Founder and Director

2BLUES Strategic Partners Ltd is led by its founder and director, John Lavender. John is an approachable, dynamic and proven financial director with 25+ years of financial experience.


John honed his skills in various organisations throughout his career. Before founding 2BLUES Strategic Partners Ltd, he held the position of Group FD and company director within an organisation generating revenues in excess of £80m, across the UK, Europe & ROW.

John excels in business leadership, driving sustainable revenue growth, increasing profits, improving working capital, implementing cost controls and focusing on staff development.

John utilises all these skills in his capacity as the official ambassador of Wycombe Wanderers Foundation.

If you're looking for that strategic partner to take your business on its growth journey, please do not hesitate to contact John today.


John Lavender, Founder and Director of 2BLUES Strategic Partners


Client Testimonials

John's enthusiasm is infectious but he isn't simply boundless energy, it is coupled with outstanding strategic and financial knowledge and acumen, meaning he is an asset to any business looking to improve in those key areas.

Mark Gaitskell

CEO of Wycombe Wanderers Foundation

I have engaged with John in a mentorship relationship and he has been instrumental in helping to shape the next steps of my career. John has shown a real commitment to my development and growth, both professionally and personally and his encouragement and feedback has really helped to push me forward in my current role as a senior leader within a professional football club's charitable organisation..... Read more

Andy H.

Yell Review

Financial Data

Our Core Values







Talent without Headcount

At 2BLUES Strategic Partners Ltd, our tailored services empower your business to thrive financially, at a fraction of the cost.


Contact us today for financial talent without the headcount.

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Trusted by SMEs

With a strong and proven background in driving financial growth, we deliver clear and competent strategies.


This is tailored to your business needs, making 2BLUES Strategic Partners Ltd the trusted strategic partner for SMEs.


Why Choose Us?

Cost Savings

Save on salary, ERS NI, pension, healthcare, company car / allowance and annual bonuses.

Flexibility and Commitment

No fixed long-term contracts or HR commitments, offering you ultimate flexibility and convenience.

Innovative Project Focus

Benefit from fresh perspectives, new ideas and a project-focused approach tailored to your business.

Unlock your financial potential today

Transform your business and its financial growth with 2BLUES Strategic Partners Ltd. Contact us today to benefit from expert guidance tailored to your business needs.

Call us: 07949 220246

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